Patient Rights Policy

Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

A Patient has the right to:

  • Receive all necessary dental care that is available from our office or receive a referral to another provider.
  • Considerate, courteous, quality care with respect for personal privacy and human dignity.
  • Information concerning his/her diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis (i.e., clear concise communication from our staff, access to his/her medical records in compliance with the law).
  • Involvement In the decision-making concerning his/her treatment (i.e., giving informed consent prior to treatment, right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law).
  • Confidentiality of information concerning one’s treatment.
  • Receive charge information for any individual procedure offered by the provider.
  • Change providers if other qualified providers are available.
  • Receive from insurance company’s good faith estimates of total out-of-pocket costs for a
  • Procedure
  • File a grievance and be given due process.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the Practice Manager, you may send a written grievance to:

Empire Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PLLC
4 Palisades Drive, Suite #250
Albany, NY 12205

A Patient has the responsibility to:

  • Comply with prescribed dental instructions from our office.
  • Provide accurate past and present information to our office.
  • Keep appointments for care and give required 24 hours’ notice to our office when canceling appointments.
  • Maintain his/her health and participate in the decisions concerning treatment.
  • Ask questions of the provider if he/she doesn’t understand.
  • Make payments due for services received according to established terms.
  • Inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, and or other directive that could affect his/her care.